The Basis

There is no market more complex than the North American market. 
The “European Model” when it comes to sales strategies is simply outdated.

Our clients’ seek veteran support in developing, implementing, and managing an evolved global business development strategy including wholesale representation.
A multi-pronged or omnichannel approach to this market is absolutely necessary. Not only is “wholesale” an insufficient sales channel, it is a
broken channel. It is clear that most orthodox wholesale strategies have devolved to become liabilities for brands instead of assets.

The Solution

Strategic Advisory, Business Development, and Holistic Sales Support are our core competencies.

Having experienced support on the ground is key.

Multiple channels are imperative: direct to consumer, brick and mortar, affiliate networks, influencer marketing
programs, wholesale partnerships, pop-ups, events, and new tech. All angles must be considered in order to thrive in this modern marketplace.

As wholesale is still so important, it is clear that a properly experienced sales team and a seasoned leader to navigate through more unorthodox partnership deals with retailers is essential.

Wholesale, however, must not be conducted in a vacuum. Plus Plus works differently from other agencies. We not only build businesses, we build brands. We make “wholesale” more like “holistic-sale” in our approach.